Affordable, secure storage in Midland, NC is perfect for any collector’s possessions; yet, with the rise of events like comic cons, space is in higher demand than ever.

Each type of collection needs distinct storage options, such as packing, costume hanging rails, and so on. The environment is the most critical component, and climate-controlled storage is ideal for any collector’s item. Here are a few tips for each type of item in your collection.

Comic books can use affordable, secure storage in Midland NC

Your comic book collection should be stored in a darkened, cold, dry place, such as affordable, secure storage that is climate controlled.

Comics must be stored in acid-free comic bags in a comic box. There are several types of comic bags to choose from, but we recommend polyethylene.

The pouches will also be gauged. Thicker bags are desirable, so choose one with at least 2mm thickness. Stack your comics in bags into a box. You might not always have enough comics to fill a box. Place the empty stuff with paper and prop your comics up with a card.

Use self-storage for costumes

Wash your costumes properly after each use and before storing them. Assemble goods dry before storing. Mold and mildew can grow on damp clothing, causing damage. Climate-controlled affordable, secure storage will help prevent damage.

The way they are stored depends on the costume. Many garments may be folded and placed in plastic boxes, while some must be hanged. Use plastic hangers to avoid ruining outfits with wire or wooden hangers.

Also, leave enough space between things for proper ventilation. Use white acid-free tissue paper to split garments for hanging and boxing. Pest control with cedar blocks is also far superior to using mothballs.

Action figures can live in Midland affordable self-storage

Protect your collectible action figures from harsh sunshine, heat, and humidity. Store them away from these elements to keep them in top shape using your affordable, secure storage. A cheap, secure storage unit addresses these difficulties.

If your figures aren’t in boxes, clean them beforehand to avoid dirt and dust damaging the paint. Individual figures can be placed in separate plastic bags to avoid contact.

Wrap individual and boxed figures in plastic containers before transporting them to your Midland NC storage unit. Plastic storage bins are ideal because they keep moisture and pests out. Sort your belongings into categories and label the boxes to keep them organized. Use shelving to organize storage and avoid boxes from collapsing.

Where to find Midland NC affordable storage

This collecting is a significant business, and despite the internet, the number of tangible collectors’ items expands every year.

If you have the above or memorabilia taking up too much space in your home, contact Mr. Storage. The storage professionals will walk you through everything you need to know about storing collection items and apparel in a climate-controlled, affordable, secure storage unit.

You can also begin your contract and settle your storage bills without having to visit the office.

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