Storage facilities in Harrisburg that are climate controlled 

Storage facilities in Harrisburg NC offer two key types of storage units. Ones that are outside and follow the weather patterns, and just keep things dry. However, the others are those that are usually inside a large building and have set temperatures. 

Climate-controlled storage benefits from controlling humidity in the air, no matter the external temperature in Harrisburg, NC. Below you can learn more about these types of storage facilities.

What benefits from Harrisburg climate-controlled storage facilities?

When looking for storage facilities in Harrisburg NC, there are certain Items that can benefit from being in a climate-controlled storage unit:

  • Vinyl records
  • Clothes
  • Mattresses
  • Books, magazines, and paperwork
  • Antiques and wooden furniture
  • Electronics

The temperature in a climate-controlled unit has temperatures above zero and is maintained below 80-90 degrees.

Benefits of climate-controlled storage 

When searching for an affordable storage unit, people are looking for cleanliness, protection, access, and everything else associated with a reputable storage business. However, one of the most neglected climate-controlled advantages is air quality.

This is not only because they are climate-controlled, but the units themselves are sealed differently, and the air will still be fresh as the air continually circulates through the indoor storage units. In certain situations, it involves opening your storage unit door to allow fresh air, and with air-controlled units, you don’t need to do this.

Best storage facilities in Harrisburg NC

If your storage facility can provide this feature, there might be additional costs, and preserving your precious items is one of the best climate-controlled storage benefits. Humidity regulation can be ignored and not deemed necessary, but a significant shift in humidity levels occurs in Harrisburg, NC, with the changing seasons.

When talking about climate-controlled storage, be sure to ask if humidity storage is included. This is one way to destroy mold in your belongings. Not enough humidity is as bad as getting too much because wood can dry and crack, and electronics can struggle with wine bottles losing their flavor.

Where to find Harrisburg, NC heating and cooling storage 

Besides all the following climate-controlled storage facilities advantages, there’s a lot more depending on the things you’re storing. 

Many local storage companies may use different names for their systems. There may be the following:

• Air-conditioned storage units

• Air-cooled storage units

• Heated storage units

• Temperature controlled storage units

• Humidity controlled storage units 

These can mean the same thing sometimes, or the storage facility doesn’t offer the same climate-controlled storage benefits as customers require when looking for storage facilities in Harrisburg NC.

Suppose you need a climate-controlled storage unit and wish to know what level you can expect. Contact Mr. Storage, and the office staff will explain the climate-controlled system and how it affects the indoor storage units.

You can also find out that everything you need to do to set up your account or pay your bills can be done online and take less contact in the office. Contact Mr. Storage today if you need storage facilities in Harrisburg NC area. 

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