The best storage space will hold a lot of things for renters throughout Concord, NC. They hold anything, including equipment and gardening tools, to personal family heirlooms and works of art. Despite what you carry in your space, your selected best facility will work hard to make sure any pest control measures are in place to keep your things safe. 

They can’t, however, defend anything inside your storage units because of the padlocks you have. You can find inappropriate packing may lead to products falling or containers plunging between them and which will damage your things. 

If you store anything, you’re not supposed to store in a storage facility like food, it may endanger all your possessions and the stuff of the surrounding persons to insects or rodents.  Learn how to cover and secure your possessions to stop rodents from coming into your Concord storage space.

Helping keep pests from Concord, NC storage space 

Regardless of how far the storage facility deters the pests, it becomes almost impossible to keep the facilities pest-free. Certain items will attract insects, mice, and often birds toward your storage units. 

With that said, you must protect your possessions to prevent something from leaving their excrement. It keeps dust particles from off polished wood, electronics, and works of art you may have in storage. 

Picking the correct storage containers for your best storage space 

The storage of your items in the correct container will play an important role in preventing pests from destroying things in your storage space. Many insects may chew through cardboard and fabric, such as moths. 

If these little things can find their way into your Concord, NC best storage space, this could mean you need to secure your clothing in airtight containers. The distribution of mothballs throughout your storage units can also help prevent them; although all your things will have a chemical smell, lavender locks are better options.

Never store food in your storage space

There is nothing as important as not storing food in your best storage space at this time of year. Many individuals will want a unit to store food they purchased or camp with them in large quantities.

However, you cannot keep food in units, irrespective of how tightly packaged or secured. This can attract rats, and they can bite through almost anything and destroy your items and containers. Hold food throughout the pantry at home.

Best storage space in Concord NC

It doesn’t involve a lot to help preserve storage space protected from insects and pests. If you have any questions on how we keep your belongings safe or how you’re packing your belongings, please contact Mr. Storage; the employees will be happy to help you out.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.