The best storage space option is one that is climate controlled. Climate controlled storage does a much better job of caring for your belongings than other conventional storage units can do. As long as you pack them and stack them right, the storage facility does the rest to keep your belongings in top condition without the worry of them damaging.

Many objects placed in storage units by individuals are sensitive to fluctuations and extreme temperatures. External storage units have no protection from this, so that items can be damaged in bad weather.

Here you can learn more about climate-controlled storage units and how you can use them.

Check for best storage space first

When searching for suitable climate-controlled storage space, there are a few things to check.

Verify the correct size. If you only intend to store a few things, for example, your artwork, then a Mini Storage Unit will probably be most suitable for you. But if you want to keep larger objects like furniture, beds, and cupboards, you will need the best storage space large enough to contain them. Likewise, you do not want to get a too-large unit, and you end up paying for unused space.

The majority of climate-controlled storage space is where you can easily reach. You can’t drive right up to the door, of course, but you need to be confident you can load and unload with little effort and manage to get your things into the building and storage space.

Please also check the safety available. The best climate-controlled facilities will give you the feeling of your belongings being safe. Check out the safety features available at this Harrisburg, NC storage facility. Many have security cameras, secure access, and staff hours.

Benefits from Harrisburg, NC climate-controlled storage

Knowing how to find the best climate-controlled storage facilities, you need to know what you can keep in them, along with artwork, paper items, electronics, or fabrics such as clothing. Wooden items can benefit as they won’t split or crack as the temperature is constant in this type of storage space.

Arrange Your Harrisburg storage facilities online

In most cases, a journey to your local climate-controlled storage facilities will be necessary to arrange all of your paperwork and payments at the office.

However, you can turn to Mr. Storage, and you can now do the detailed work online. Currently, we provide 100% remote or contactless storage units. You can pay for invoices and everything else, and there is no part that you cannot do online.

All you have to have is a secure gate access code, and then you determine when you wish to load your vehicle and transfer your belongings to your climate-controlled unit. You will find it ready and clean for when you arrive.

If you would like to learn more about how Mr. Storage makes it more convenient to use local storage space, contact us online for more information or call the office. It is far easier than you may think to use your new storage facility for your valuable items.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.