Drive-up storage units and preventing pests

Drive-up storage units accommodate many things for the renters in Harrisburg, NC. From tools and garden equipment to family heirlooms and artwork, these people keep everything. Whatever you want to keep in your unit, your chosen facility will work hard to keep it secure by employing a range of pest control procedures.

They cannot, however, protect the contents of your storage units from everything. Improper packaging can cause objects to fall and boxes to tumble over on top of them, potentially damaging them.

When you store something, you shouldn’t, or incorrectly, you risk exposing all your belongings and the belongings of those around you to pests. This is where you can discover more about the best ways to wrap and box your belongings to keep pests out of your Harrisburg self-storage units.

Never store packs of food in storage units

The most crucial step you can do to keep pests out of your drive-up storage units is to keep food away. Many people may want a unit to store food they have purchased in bulk or take camping with them.

Regardless of how securely packed or sealed the units are, you should not store food in them. Rodents can be attracted to this, and they can chew through almost anything, causing damage to your belongings and containers. Instead, food should be kept in a pantry at home.

Keep pests from Harrisburg, NC drive-up storage units

It’s practically impossible to keep a storage facility pest-free, no matter how much pesticide is used. Particular objects will attract insects, rats, and frequently birds to the storage units.

As a result, you should first cover your belongings to prevent any feces from escaping. It also helps to keep dust off polished furniture, electronics, and any paintings or other works of art you might have on hand.

Use reliable storage containers in drive-up storage units

Pests that find their way into your drive-up storage units can be prevented by storing your belongings in the correct type of container. Moths, for example, are infamous for chewing fabrics and leaving holes.

If these pests do manage to find their way into your Harrisburg, NC unit, keeping your clothes in sealed containers can help keep them safe. Mothballs strewn over your storage units might also help keep them away.

Where to find pest-free storage facilities in Harrisburg, NC

It doesn’t take much to keep bugs and pests out of drive-up storage units. Please call Mr. Storage if you have any concerns about keeping your belongings safe or what you can do to pack them. Our employees will be pleased to help you.

You can also learn there is no need to head to the office to set up your storage account or pay your bills, as you can now do this online.

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