Ground-level drive up storage units in Concord, NC, come in various types and are now one of the most popular and practical storage types accessible.

There are many benefits to choosing drive up storage, the most notable of which is the ability to clearly enter and remove a vehicle quickly to access and exit your facility. They can be more problematic than you realize if you have indoor ground-level storage requirements that are indoors.

Although the indoor ground-level drive up storage has more benefits, most customers want to drive up, pick up, and dump their belongings quickly. Here are some essential advantages of ground-level drive up storage.

Straightforward access to Concord, NC ground-level drive up storage

The ground-level access makes loading and unloading with a hand truck or dolly a breeze.

It’s a tremendous benefit to park just outside the unit’s door and monitor everything that happens between the truck and the storage unit. Simply drive up, take care of business, and leave. There are no doors or corridors in storage with drive up access.

This is especially true for parents of young children. The time and energy saved by putting goods directly into the storage compartment or not having to bend down and pick up the items is another advantage of drive-up access.

Business loves Concord, NC ground-level drive up storage

Large commercial or office equipment can be stored in some of the larger self-ground-level drive up storage units. Most customers are excited to transfer their company and industrial equipment into their new unit because storage facilities are considerably less expensive than leasing larger commercial space for inventory or gear.

For corporations, saving time on unit storage can result in significant labor cost savings.

Oversized and awkward objects, such as desks or packages, can be transferred directly from the truck to the storage unit, eliminating the need to navigate aisles, doors, or corners. The inventory boxes can be stacked and sorted without difficulty.

Where is my accessible Concord, NC self-storage facilities? 

This ultimate benefit is one of the best-kept secrets about using ground-level drive up storage.

Boats, kayaks, garden equipment, and garden furniture, which are frequently stored outdoors and covered with a tarp, might still be damaged by the weather.

Metals can oxidize, wood can expand and crack, and heat and cold can cause polymers to weaken. The best way to stay safe is to get these undercover.

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Now that contactless sign-ups are available, you can complete the entire process online, as well as pay your bills when that time of month comes around.

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