Spring clean by using self storage units
When spring cleaning time comes, you might be able to more effectively spring clean by using self storage units. It’s much easier and faster to clean an empty room than a full one. First, make a list of everything in the room. Gather it all together in one space and measure the space — that will tell you how big a storage unit you need. Make a list of all the contents, carefully pack them into boxes and label those boxes with the contents.

In the case of the kitchen and bathroom, things are a little more complicated. You won’t be allowed to store food or chemicals in a Harrisburg NC storage unit, and you probably won’t want to expose your food to cleaning chemicals. But with other rooms in the house, this should work better.

Move all the contents of a room into a self-storage unit, and then take care of the walls, carpeting and windows. Before you do anything else, clean your cleaning implements. Your sponge can be sterilized by soaking it in water it and microwaving it for two minutes while wet. Clean your vacuum cleaner and whatever attachments you’re going to use. Clean your mop with vinegar, and soak and dry your broom before use.Spring clean by using self storage units in Harrisburg NC.

Start with the ceiling and work your way down. This way, dust from the ceiling won’t sully the floor, walls and windows after you’ve already cleaned them. You can handle your whole house this way, one room at a time, while still having the use of most of your house at all times. This is your chance to give the carpet a really thorough cleaning, so don’t hold back.

Cleaning your possessions
Odds are whatever you’re taking out will also need cleaning. Check with your storage facility before trying to clean it there — they may have rules about that. You can save yourself time by moving all the wooden furniture into one place and dusting and polishing it all at once. Other things, like electronics, that need special care can also be sorted by group. Do the same thing with drapes and upholstered items.

Spring clean by using self storage units with Mr. Storage Harrisburg NC
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