Local storage facilities provide space for most properties, but not all

Concord’s local storage facilities can help you manage most of your personal items. However, did you know that not all items are acceptable in self-storage spaces?

Like all other industries, self-storage facilities have their own rules on items that you can keep and some that should not. This article addresses some of the restricted items and why they are not permitted.

Perishable materials like foods

Perishable items require the best conditions to last longer, but storage facilities don’t offer such conditions. It is essential not to use the facility to store such foods since once they go off, they start to smell.

Flammable items

A fire at a storage facility can cause other store owners to lose most of their property. As a result, the local storage companies do not allow you to store flammable items on their premises.

Gas containers or spray bottles contain highly flammable components that quickly go off. Such items can cause fires that can torch the premises, causing property damage and even loss of life or injuries in some cases.

Hazardous chemical items

Storage facilities have to comply with the health and safety requirements. It means they do not allow hazardous chemical storage under any circumstances.

Hazardous chemicals like sulphuric acid can cause huge damage to the premise or injure others using it if mishandled. It is best to avoid having them to avert tragedy.

Living things

Although rare, there have been cases of people wanting to put animals in storage facilities. Living things are among the items that are restricted from being placed in such facilities, even after they are dead.

Live animals can cause disturbances at the facility, not to mention how cruel it is to the animals. Dead ones also create a foul smell and can cause other users of the facility quite uncomfortable.

Illegal or stolen goods

Storage facilities seem like the perfect place to place illegal items, but they are not. Stolen and illegal items rank high in the list of items not permitted in storage facilities.

Storage facilities have CCTV cameras to capture such activity, and also, the staff are trained to keep an eye out for illegal items. Be sure that they will call the police if they think you are using the facility for unlawful purposes.

Check out local storage facilities in Concord

With the knowledge of what not to store in a storage facility, you are ready to get a unit for yourself. Having a storage facility for your personal items and documents will help you with better organization.

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