Local storage units are perfect for storing personal and business items

Local storage units in Kannapolis NC serve the residents and business owners locally. Each renter has unique needs and it is necessary that they observe the right storage runes to get the best results.

So many renters commit mistakes that affect the items in storage. Some of the common pitfalls you can avoid when storing items include:

Keeping items not allowed on storage units

Not everything should be stored within a storage unit and it is advisable to stick to the rules. Items like firecrackers and chemical elements can cause hazards and fires in the units which may damage other items. Foods are also attractive to pests and they may come in and damage other personal items like clothing. Keeping only items allowed within the storage unit allows your items to remain safe. If you are unsure about an item before storing it, contact the storage company and ask if it is okay to have such an item.

Being behind on unit payments

When you don’t make your payments on time, you can experience penalties and fines that can add to the rent costs. If you fall too far behind on your payments, you face the risk of losing your unit and everything inside of it. It’s a good thing that most local storage units accept online payments for your convenience. If you have some money problems that need time to sort out, you can contact the company to help you figure something out.


The most common error we observe in our storage facilities is disorganization. Without a plan, many people simply throw everything they own into their storage container. Avoid doing this. Take your time, pack everything in the right boxes, name everything, and keep a running inventory of everything you have in your storage facility. As your storage space gets crowded, you will ultimately benefit more. Knowing exactly where everything is will help you save a ton of time.

Failure to safeguard Items

There is no sense in paying for storage if all your items end up damaged. Whether it’s climate control, a particular kind of box, or the way things are packed, different products require varied storage conditions. You can guarantee that your belongings will be safe by keeping things organized and properly packing them. For the best protection and easy organization, we advise utilizing plastic storage containers.

Get the best local storage unit in Kannapolis NC

Avoiding these pitfalls can help protect your items and make your stay less stressful. Find the best local storage unit in Kannapolis for top results.

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