Concord’s local storage expert can help achieve a neat music room

Concord’s local storage expert understands that dedicated musicians often sacrifice a lot of space in their homes for their instruments. Learn how to properly store your instruments, amps, and vinyl records with the following tips.

How do I store musical instruments in storage?

Hook the guitar on the wall

Guitars are costly instruments, and placing them on the floor means they can be knocked around. Put hooks on the wall to store them vertically and off the ground. It allows you to showcase your collection without risking dents and scratches.

Untangle the wires

Chances are you have one of those drawers for keeping your cables and wires. However, it can take forever to find the one you want at a specified moment. Start by untangling the wires and keep them separated using Velcro, twist, or string ties. An excellent option is to label each wire to ease the next hunting process.

Change cupboards into amp storage

Perform some DIY on your cupboards to store the amps. Remove the doors and create holes in the back of the wires. Cabinets can also be very helpful, particularly if they have wheels to transport any heavy equipment easily.

Put the keyboard on a sliding shelf

Consider a space-saving hack if there is limited space for your electronic keyboard. This includes placing the keyboard on a sliding shelf under the computer desk where you would typically put a computer keyboard. Besides, it will be easy to plug into your computer when recording.

Display the vinyl records on the wall

Move the records onto the walls to create ample space for your piano or drum kit on the floor. Vinyl artwork can be an excellent decoration, so display them using racks or shelves. The best record frames and displays come in various varieties, ranging from picture frame-style mounts to stands that allow you to change the album on showcase.

The latter is ideal if you’d like to display the record you are playing at a specific period to combine ambiance with the experience. Some models allow you to mount your records more permanently on the wall to relive your unique moments with each one. Be sure to place the records away from direct sunlight or heat to avoid affecting their playability. You will need a stud finder and a good screwdriver to get the job done.

Put the musical items in local storage

As you reorganize your music room, consider placing your instruments, music, and furniture into storage to keep them safe and out of the way. Take great care when handling heavy instruments and equipment like the piano. If applicable, learn about safety tips for moving and storing a large piano.

Choose Concord’s best local storage for your instruments

Searching for local storage near me? Maintaining a tidy music room creates more space for creating songs and jam sessions. Remember, you can keep music items you don’t need in a storage facility for future use. Once you are ready for storage services, you can only trust Concord’s best local storage. Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable pricing. We have storage facilities in Concord, SalisburyHarrisburgKannapolis NC, and MidlandContact us today to reserve your unit.