Local storage units help keep your mattress among other items when moving

Local storage in Salisbury NC will be ideal for storing excess mattress items when moving or downsizing. Mattresses can be temperature and humidity sensitive, so if wrongly kept, this can damage them. The best way to store mattresses is to find a climate-controlled storage unit. Here are the dos and don’ts of mattress storage.

Dos when storing mattresses

  • Your mattress should be kept in a climate-controlled storage space. The finest protection for your mattress is provided by these units, which are maintained at a constant temperature throughout the year.
  • Place your mattress flat on some pallets or on top of other items. This simulates the position of a mattress in your bedroom.
  • Every few months, air out your mattress. In addition to keeping food fresh, doing so enables you to check for bugs and mold. Just make sure to treat it with the same level of care as the first time you stored it.

Don’ts when storing mattresses

  • Do not place anything on top of your mattress. These items have the potential to permanently deform the mattress’s shape and leave indentations.
  • Your mattress shouldn’t be kept upright. Although it will save space, it will slump and cause harm to its springs.
  • Even if your mattress is covered with a protective covering, keep it away from excessively moist areas.

Prepping your mattress for storage

With a hand-held vacuum cleaner, remove any debris before cleaning your mattress. If you don’t have access to a steamer, lightly steam the mattress or sparingly use an upholstery cleaner. The key objective is to clean the mattress without soaking it in order to prevent the buildup of extra moisture. Prior to putting it in storage, give the item at least 24 hours to dry. Apply a light coating of baking soda and give it time to absorb before vacuuming the area.

Be sure to wrap the mattress in plastic and tape the cover tight once you’ve thoroughly cleaned it of stains, filth, grime, and the like for optimal protection. Mattress bags, which may be bought at your neighborhood shop, are made to offer the best storage circumstances.

Find the best local storage facility in Salisbury NC

Storing mattresses properly saves you the money you would otherwise use for replacements. Find the best local storage facility in Salisbury NC for the best results.

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