Local storage in Salisbury NC can be a great place to store extra family photo albums. Family images encapsulate a lifetime of memories. It would be heartbreaking to lose such memories due to wear and tear caused by being dragged about a house or incorrectly arranged. Whether you need to make room in your home for family pictures or relocate them to a storage facility, there are numerous precautions you can take to make sure they are secure. Remember that selecting suitable materials and storing them properly is critical to keeping your priceless photographs. Now, here are steps to storing your family images.

Where to keep family images safe

Local storage is beneficial to storing family pictures for several reasons. When choosing where to save images, remember that mold development and other harmful organic compounds are thwarted by a well-ventilated room with moving air, and photographs might fade if they are exposed to too much light. If you can’t enclose your prints, ensure they’re stored in a dark location.

Using a local storage unit to store your family images

Local storage in Salisbury, NC, can help you with the photos. If you can’t bear the thought of sacrificing room in your house for old images, you’re unlikely to use daily, storing them properly may be a terrific solution. Choose a unit with a climate control system. Remember that picture storage is ideal when the temperature is 75 degrees or below and the humidity is low. Do not put old pictures in a storage facility on the ground, even if they are stored in boxes or containers. Storing your items properly comes with various advantages.

To keep your images in good shape, whether you store them at home or in a storage facility, arrange them in envelopes or boxes. Shoe boxes are still the go-to container for old pictures for a reason: you’re likely to have some on hand and their complex. The square form keeps images flat and protected. Keep in mind, however, that shoeboxes are not waterproof. Consider using them to organize your images, but make sure you store them in a water-resistant container or somewhere you know they won’t get wet.

Best local storage in Salisbury NC for family images

To prevent interaction with acids that may be concealed in other paper sources, preservation specialists recommend using materials composed of cotton or pure wood pulps. Larger, more flexible prints should be rolled into tubes, and polyester film sleeves should be used for further protection. Mr. Storage can care for your old photos. Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable pricing. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.