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5670 NC-49, Harrisburg NC 28075

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Reviews for Mr. Storage Harrisburg

Here are some reviews for Mr. Storage  from a few of our great customers:

5 stars. Very good place to keep your work truck. ~Giulio P.

Great U-haul location! I was able to get a storage unit and drop off my truck at the same location. Tony was very helpful with getting me set up with a unit. ~Anthony S

Very friendly people who work there at Mr. Storage in Harrisburg NC! They gave me a storage unit in their BRAND NEW facility across the street. So clean and new! ~Peter C.

A great place to get a Uhaul or storage unit from Toni is very professional and helpful. ~John

Great people! Love Mr. Storage!  ~Kristina C.

Self storage facility near me in Harrisburg has easy access, secure, and right on HWY 49. ~Aaron S.

This is a great self storage unit to store things you may want to keep. ~Harrold H.

Great place- the facility seems to be brand new they have outdoor and Climate controlled units and Parking here at an affordable price. Very clean very maintained public storage facility near me. ~John K.

Clean storage facility. Traffic light access to 49 a plus.~Matt N.

My Story – Big John and Mr. Storage – storage facility near me in Harrisburg NC: I was traveling through the area and my vehicle broke down on the highway. I was eventually able to relocate my vehicle but without a means for it to continue its journey with me. Leaving my vehicle in a place and area I was not familiar with was not easy. after a week of attempting to solidify an effective plan of getting my vehicle back. I contact Mr. Storage about a trailer to tow my vehicle. Fortunately for me, Big John answered my call. Which to him seemed like just answering a phone and doing his job, but it was the care he has as a person. Therefore, he empathized with my case and not knowing this car was my world. He was able to identify I was lost in something as simple as renting a trailer and all that entails. After being on the phone with him for 30 minutes. We lost connection due to unforeseen circumstances. I left a voicemail and just assumed the situation would handle itself. 2 days later, based off that assumption. I drove down to pick up my vehicle. Upon, my travels I decided to call and confirm my reservation. And once again the stars aligned for who answers the phone, Big John. Big John then reacquainted himself with my challenge. He begins to inform me that Mr. Storage did not have the ability to provide me with the required trailer. No worries, Big John researches the area to find me a trailer even though it was not beneficial to Mr. Storage or himself. He locks in a reservation with another business because he noticed I needed help. Not out of kindness, but I’m almost positive it was out of the fact that he placed himself in my shoes and said to himself I hope someone does the same for me. I was noticed by an outside element that my reserved trailer would not be available in the timeframe planned because of mysterious reasons (someone didn’t return it in time). I was able to reserve another trailer from another storage location, since Big John informed me of the other locations that might have my desired trailer. Finally believing the end was near. all I had to do was pick this trailer up, load my car and drive off into the sunset with my vehicle. Until I arrive at that location and no one was to be seen. with the virus going on the true hours were unknown and uncertainty was finding its place, especially on Mother’s Day. Phone Numbers were not working, so I call the one stranger that seems to be willing to assist me time and time again. Answers his personal phone and provides me with the answers to my predicament. Finally, Sitting in my car when I reach my destination. I’ve come to the realization that Big John is a Hero. ~Charlie H.


John was super professional and helpful at Mr. Storage facility in Harrisburg NC near UNCC! He was very friendly and helped us with all our needs and questions so the whole process went very smoothly. Definitely recommend this place! ~Samantha P. 

A couple of months ago, my son left his gaming system in one of the trucks that we rented! I called this Harrisburg NC Mr. Storage location to see if it was there, but unfortunately, the truck that I used, had been rented out again, and was left at another location. The gentleman that I was speaking with (John) told me that, he would not only continue to look for it, but he would go to the other location to check as well! John went above and beyond in order to find my son’s system, (which he did) and for that I am extremely thankful! His customer service is on another level! Thanks for all you do!!!! ~Nakia M.

Mr. Storage local storage facility in Harrisburg NC
5670 NC-49, Harrisburg NC 28075