Mattress storage ideas in Harrisburg NC can prolong the life of your mattress if you need to clean out one of your bedrooms and get a bed into storage. They need special care because of their size.

Not only that, but beds are a significant investment, so ensuring that they last for a few more years is critical. Here is more information for Harrisburg, NC residents who want to store beds using the best mattress storage ideas.

Never use damp basements for mattress storage ideas

While a basement in Harrisburg, NC, can appear to be an appropriate location for storing a mattress, they quickly become damp, damaging the mattress. Pets and sharp items can damage a stored mattress, not to mention all the bugs that might think it’s their new home.

Cleaning a mattress before self storage

Mattress storage ideas mean you need to vacuum and wash using an upholstery cleaner. After that, the mattress should be stored in a mattress cover to protect it from dust, insects, and moisture.

Along with the mattress, bed fittings should be held in plastic bags. Mattress storage ideas also include headboards, which can be covered in old blankets to keep dust at bay.

Long-term mattress storage ideas in Harrisburg

If you’re storing your mattress for an extended period, make sure it’s flat inside your storage unit. Most mattress storage ideas recommend against it, but it’s better to lay it flat because the springs can move.

Pallets may also raise your mattress off the floor in the event of flooding or prevent condensation from forming on cold floors. You would be tempted to stack items on top of your mattress to save room in your Harrisburg, NC storage unit because it is flat.

If you store your mattress with a weight on top of it, it can weaken the springs, leave an indentation in the surface, and puncture the sealed plastic cover. Nothing should be positioned on top of the mattress.

How to use a local storage facility in Harrisburg NC

When you’re ready to use your mattress again, it’ll need to be freshened up from its long-term storage location. The simplest method is to remove the plastic mattress cover and sprinkle baking soda on the mattress, allowing it to rest for a while to absorb any odors.

Until that time, staff at Mr. Storage can help with any mattress storage ideas and further tips if you have any doubts or concerns about your mattress storage.

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