The best mini storage in Concord NC can be used to house many things.  People use it to keep everything from tools to important documents, to family keepsakes and works of art. Whatever you plan to keep in your storage units, your chosen storage facility in Concord works hard to keep things safe using various security measures.

However, it can’t guard against everything inside your mini storage unit. Insufficient packaging can cause things to fall out and spill the boxes around them, which can damage them.

How can I stop pests from entering my unit?

Some things may attract a range of pests to your mini storage unit. Some things like birds, rodents, and insects may all find their way into your mini storage unit. Below are a few tips about how to keep them out and how to protect your belongings if they do get in.

Never store food 

Preventing pests from entering your mini-storage facility is the essential step to keep pests from entering your mini storage facility. Certain people might want a unit to store food they bought in bulk or to take on camping trips. Do not store food in a unit, no matter how well packaged or sealed. Doing so can attract rodents which can gnaw on nearly anything and cause damage to your belongings and containers. Keep food at home in a pantry where it is supposed to be.

Keep things in airtight containers 

Keeping your belongings in the right type of container can play an essential role in preventing pests in your mini storage facility from damaging your belongings. Some things, such as moths are known to eat fabric and create holes.

If these small creatures can get into your unit, placing your clothes in sealed plastic containers helps protect them. Dispersing natural insect repellent such as cedar blocks (mothballs smell horrible) around your storage unit can help deter them.

Cover your stuff

Whether you intend storing items like artwork, furniture or electronics, be sure to cover them with a breathable but durable sheet. Occasionally birds can find a way into these units, leading to the formation of bird droppings inside your unit. If you cover unwrapped items, you can protect them from the birds’ droppings and dust.

Finding the best mini storage in Concord, NC

Local residents can help their local facilities keep their belongings safe and damage-free while in mini storage by following some basic rules. If you have any questions regarding the ways, we keep your belongings safe,

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