Mini storage in Concord, NC, can help you protect and safely store your fur coat. If you’ve been given a fur coat, you may be asking how to keep it. Fur coats, it is true, maybe quite precious, and some can even appreciate in value over time. As a result, many individuals who possess fur coats choose to keep them at upscale fur storage facilities, which may be pricey. Here are some tips on safely keeping that fur coat.

Basements are never a good place to keep a fur coat

Mini storage experts explain that the cellar, or, for that matter, any moist location, is one of the worst locations to keep a fur coat. The humidity found in an ordinary cellar is too much for the fur coat’s lining to withstand. It can trigger mold growth, resulting in the destruction of the fabric (and causing a foul odor also).

Never put your fur coat in a plastic bag or container

Mini storage professionals advise that this is a mistake that many individuals make, and it is understandable why. Plastic protects any object, keeping dust, dirt, bacteria, liquids, and other contaminants out. It seems to make logical sense. Despite this, the difficulty is that a fur coat needs air circulation to function correctly. Using a plastic bag will prevent it from breathing.

During the summer, keep fur coats covered with cotton

Mini storage professionals in Concord, NC, recommend that while covering your fur coats with plastic is not recommended, covering them with a cotton sheet is. It’s simple, affordable, and only takes a few minutes. Drape a cotton sheet over the fur coat, being sure to wrap it around it securely but not very tightly. To hold the sheet in place after that, secure it with a few giant, plastic clothespins.

Keep your fur coats from being stuffed too closely together

Mini storage is ideal for fur coats only if you know how to use them. The problem is that attempting to cram too many fur jackets into a small space is a terrible idea. Fur coats, being a natural garment, need enough room to hang freely and without snagging.

If you are storing your fur coats in a storage facility, the Mr. Storage team strongly suggests that you use cotton garments or wardrobe boxes to keep them safe and secure.

Best mini storage in Concord, NC, for safe fur storage

We, at Mr. Storage, want you to be able to keep your fur without breaking the bank. Try Mr. Storage. Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable pricing. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.