Mini-storage will be the ideal space for storing rugs

A mini-storage facility in Kannapolis NC helps you store rugs and carpets until you can use them again. An excellent substitute for wall-to-wall carpeting is area rugs. They are simple to replace and clean. It’s simple to redecorate if you become bored thanks to the dozens of sizes and patterns that are offered. Area rugs are available in a wide range of costs and designs and can be kept for future usage.

Although putting your carpets in self-storage is a simple alternative, there are things you need to do to keep them in the best condition. Finding a secure, reputable self-storage facility with climate-controlled units should be your first step. climate-controlled storage spaces that will protect your rugs from deterioration and damage.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal self-storage facility, it’s time to prepare the rugs and carpets. Here are some tips you can use to get your rugs ready.

Clean them

It’s crucial to give your rug a thorough cleaning whether you’re keeping it for 5 weeks or 5 years. Dirt will harm the fibers and encourage insects and mold.

Different rugs require different cleaning techniques. The optimal cleaning procedure may be determined by looking at the label.

Apply insect repellant

Use an insect and moth repellent made specifically for fabrics after thoroughly washing your rugs to prevent pest damage. Observe the instructions on the packaging closely.

Roll rugs to maintain shape

Never fold a carpet, since you can ruin its form and appeal. Folding a traditional rug causes wrinkles and harms the backing. When rolling the rug, its pile, which is its most delicate component, should face inward. For the best rolling results, use a thick, solid curtain rod or wooden dowel to hold the rug as straight as possible.

Wrap them

Prior to storage, wrap your rugs to prevent damage from pests, dirt, and other factors. A polyurethane rug wrap, muslin, or a cotton sheet are all acceptable options. When using cotton or muslin, wrap it around the carpets at least 1 12 times before securing it with cotton or polyester twill tape. Use polyurethane wrap for an additional layer of defense against moisture and pests. The use of plastic will prevent your rugs from breathing, which will cause mold or mildew.

Find the best mini-storage facility in Kannapolis NC

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