Mini-storage units offer critical space for people trying to save on space

A mini-storage facility in Midland NC helps most people find the space they may need for other serious uses in the home. For couples moving in together or people sharing rooms, they may have extra appliances which they currently do not need.

Saving on space is essential so, items like fridges have to go elsewhere. The storage units are perfect for keeping the fridge until you can re-use it again.

So, how do you safely store a fridge? Here are some methods you can use to keep your fridge functional for the long run.

Have a storage unit you can rent for the long term

You need a location to put it if you intend to keep it for all time. For this task, pick a self-storage unit at affordable prices so you can keep it there as long as you like. Fridges aren’t particularly temperature-sensitive, so there’s no need for a climate-controlled device either. Maintaining the fridge within an affordable storage unit for a long saves you money.

Clean the fridge well

No trace of food, filth, or grime should be present on the fridge, so thoroughly clean it. You must thaw it after you are finished cleaning it. This involves turning it off and giving it time to properly dry out. Be ready to wait because this process can take a while. After completing this, you can go to the next phase.

Remove everything

Take everything out, including the shelves, light bulbs, and drawers. This enables you to move the refrigerator around with ease and enables you to locate any trapped moisture that you may have missed in the previous stage. Always store these things separately; collect all the accessories in a box or tub.

You must remove the doors as well to make sure that no trapped air exists. The entire refrigerator needs to be thrown away because trapped air breeds moisture, which turns into mildew. Remove the doors, store them separately, and place the door hardware in a designated safe.

Keep the fridge upright

Place it in the storage unit once you have completed all of these steps, making sure it is standing straight. You do not want the compressor fluid to leak from your appliance. Your best chance is to keep it raised off the ground with a pallet.

Find the best mini-storage facility in Midland NC

Storing a fridge will allow you to keep the asset in the best condition until you can use it again. Find the best mini storage facility in Midland NC for the best results.

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