Mini-storage experts in north Charlotte, UNCC, Harrisburg NC area say moving to a new home has often been ranked as one of the most stressful life experiences that individuals may go through. It is important to understand the process of keeping the more costly objects to avoid potential disappointments and extra stress in the future. Your refrigerator is frequently one of the most costly equipment you’ll purchase, making it critical that you store and move it securely whenever possible. Here are ways to put a refrigerator in a storage unit.

Drain and dry the refrigerator

Mini-storage professionals say it makes no difference whether the refrigerator will be in a storage unit or is just going to be unplugged and kept for a few days during the moving process; the technique is the same. The first step is to turn off the refrigerator, disconnect it, and drain all liquids out of the unit before continuing. Include any water supply pipes and ice-making machines that you may have on the property. This should be done with enough time to allow for drying of the lines, which will assist in protecting the refrigerator from mildew and freezing. Moving day will be less stressful if you defrost a freezer compartment ahead of time.

Clean the refrigerator

Storage experts advise that after the refrigerator has been fully drained and dried, it should be thoroughly cleaned on the interior and outside to ensure that all traces of food have been removed. Pay close attention to the rubber seals on the doors and windows since these are sites where germs may get trapped and begin to grow.

Preventing the formation of odors

Mini-storage users note that one of the most challenging aspects of long-term refrigerator storage is keeping smells from building in the container. It is possible to avoid odors from forming in the refrigerator by following a few simple storage guidelines. Tumble dryer sheets may assist in preventing the accumulation of unpleasant scents in a fridge that has been kept for some time. Before storage, add a few scented sheets on each flat surface of the appliance, such as each shelf and the interior of the crisper drawer, to create a fragrant environment. Spending less money may be a preferable alternative in some instances; for example, cheaper dryer sheets are often ones with the strongest aroma, which means they will last longer when stored in a dry environment.

Best mini-storage for refrigerators in Harrisburg, NC

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