Mini-storage experts in Harrisburg NC note that after your machines have been unplugged and dried, they should be ready for the actual relocation to take place. So, these are the following steps to take:

Keep your washing machine in good condition

Mini-storage experts will encourage you to cover your washer and dryer with moving blankets or cardboard can help to prevent scratches, dents, and nicks on their exteriors during the move. Moving tape is used to keep the blankets in place. While shrink wrap is an excellent alternative for securing the coverings, avoid using plastic tarps or sheets to keep them in place. Those textiles retain moisture, which may lead to mildew growth as a result of residual precipitation.

Have a strategy in place for moving up and down the stairs

Mini storage professionals advise users to have strategies for transporting their properties. Forklifts help move heavy items such as washing machines up and downstairs. You may also use bungee cords and ropes to tie the machine to an appliance dolly, if necessary. As an extra measure of safety, most appliance dollies are supplied with built-in power cables. Using an appliance dolly down a straight stairway is particularly convenient since it features tracks that allow you to lower or pull the item over numerous stairs simultaneously. Being able to glide over the surface reduces the jolting sensation that you get when you strike a step on your way down the staircase.

Get a moving truck

Mini storage experts recommend that after removing your washing machine from your previous residence, it is time to load them into your moving truck. If you choose to transfer your appliances in a pickup truck rather than a moving van, keep a watch on them during the process. Mr. Storage suggests that you purchase a set of ratchet tie-down straps to keep your washer and dryer tight. Unlike typical ropes or cords, they will hold your stuff in place and are more secure than they are.

Mini storage use in Harrisburg NC  can help you keep your properties safe and handy. When going through the fundamentals of transferring a washing machine, you should be well-prepared to take on additional complex tasks. Always be willing to accept assistance. Assuming you’re relocating to a new residence, the chances are good that you’ll also be taking other significant appliances with you. If this is the case, please feel free to browse through some of Mr. Storage’s other valuable resources.

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