Kannapolis’ best mini storage and rodents 

Kannapolis’ best mini storage can be your property’s second home. But from deciding the items that go into your unit and the packing process to the transportation part, everything can get overwhelming. Even worse, a pack of mice waiting to infest your hard-earned items may be another item on the list. The good news is you’ve come to the right place for tips on how to keep the critters where they belong.

Check out your storage space for potential rodent signs

It’s important to make sure that there are no mice in your storage before moving your items into the unit. Watch out for any droppings or holes in the walls. If you notice any signs of rodents, it’s best to opt for a different unit or inform the storage facility’s management about it.

Food is always a no-no 

You probably figured this out already, but it can’t be stressed enough. The chances are the facility, like most, prohibits food storage. Do not store perishable or non-perishable food in the unit, as this is an official invite to a mice visitation. Also, give your food containers and cooking tools a thorough clean to eliminate any food remnants.

Go for plastic, airtight storage containers

You may find some nice and applicable tips for keeping critters out of your storage boxes. But a great place to start is making the right choice regarding the containers you use. The cardboard boxes shouldn’t be an option as they will be chewed away. Opt for plastic containers with airtight lids. It fends off mice and other pests looking for a snack. On the upper end, plastic bins offer convenience since they are more effortless to carry and stack than their cardboard counterparts.

Use natural deterrents

The smell of important oils like lavender is divine and inviting to humans. But not to your mice visitors. Keep them away by soaking some cotton balls in lavender or peppermint oil and situating them around the unit. You can place them in the corners of the space and create trails around items like furniture and mattresses. This will deter rodents and keep your storage smelling fresh.

Choose the right storage facility

However hard you try to keep your self-storage anti-mice, it all comes down to the diligence of your storage facility in repelling rodents. The best storage facilities can provide the best protection for your belongings through adequate maintenance.

Wrap upholstered furniture and mattresses

Mattresses and furniture are the potential homes of mice. It’s advisable to tightly seal the plastic wrap around your mattresses and upholstered furniture.

Visit often

You can watch over your space by making frequent visits. Performing inspections on the area can help you notice any signs of rodents. Once you notice it, you can find ways to solve it.

Rent Kannapolis’ best mini storage

Searching for the best storage units in Kannapolis? Kannapolis’ best mini storage should meet your storage needs to provide good value for your money. The facility should also maintain high hygiene standards and prioritize your belongings’ security.

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