Mini-storage units are perfect for storing personal items to free up living space in the attic

Mini-storage units in Midland NC can help keep your personal items safe to free up some living space within the attic. Most of us feel like we could use a bit extra room, regardless of the size of our homes. Perhaps the kids are growing a little and need more space. Or perhaps now is the right time to build the home office you’ve always wanted. Regardless of your justification, a limited budget can prevent you from getting the extra room you desire.

So why not look upwards if you can’t stretch your gaze outward? Prime real estate for house extension is your attic. You don’t need to bother about pouring flooring because the area is already fenced, there is easy access to electricity, and all of these things. Read our list of suggestions for finishing an attic if you’re thinking of renovating your attic to provide more living space.

Attic renovation

Your attic might be the ideal location to create an area for their imagination to run wild if the kids or grandkids need a little additional room for recreation. If you’re considering turning your attic into a playroom, think about how you’ll make it accessible for the kids. If there are no stairs leading to the attic already, you can install a loft ladder with non-slip treads and an out-of-reach safety lock. Another excellent child safety tip is to add a guardrail.

Concerns when creating attic space

It’s crucial to remember that before starting an attic renovation, you shouldn’t make any alterations without first considering the technical aspect.

  • Building code: As with any new construction or renovation project, you should first check your community’s building codes and regulations.
  • Insulation: In most attics, the insulation is located on the floor, in the space between the joists. You’ll need to take off the old insulation and put new insulation before the drywall insulation in order to turn this area into a livable one.
  • Rafters and trusses: Determine which you have by looking in your attic. Rafters, the enormous triangles that make up your home’s pinnacle, are acceptable and may even help with your attic makeover. However, trusses (big triangles formed of smaller triangles) obstruct space and must be changed.
  • Enhancing the flooring: The flooring in your attic might not be as sturdy as the flooring throughout the rest of your house. This is due to the lower minimal dead load weight of attic joists. For a living space, more support could be required.

Find the best mini-storage units in Midland NC

To make extra living space in your attic, you need to find storage for your personal items. Reserve the best mini-storage units in Midland NC to keep your belongings safe. Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable pricing. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis NC, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.