Midland’s mini-storage facility helps you get the best value from your rented unit

Midland’s mini-storage facility recommends short-term storage solutions when moving or in need of extra space as you declutter your home. Learning how to get the most out of your temporary space is crucial for saving some bucks.

Tips to make the most of your mini-storage unit

Establish the items to place in storage

Before putting anything in the unit, it’s best to determine what you don’t like, need, or use. Everything that remains will be kept in your home or storage unit. Remember that you can keep lawn equipment, furniture and home décor, seasonal clothing, large and small household appliances, and miscellaneous items like toys and books in your unit. Any item that falls into any of these categories and isn’t needed soon can be kept in the unit.

Optimize the short-term space

There are two options: spend extra money on a larger storage space or maximize a smaller space. There are a few ways to make the latter work.

First, pack your stuff in boxes. Be sure to put similar items in one box to simplify the retrieval process. Then label each box on top and on the sides to easily locate the box you need. An option is to keep a list of where each box is located with a brief description of the items inside. Boxes that contain similar items should be placed together.

Stack the boxes on top of each other. Put the heaviest stuff on the bottom. You can stack at least three or four boxes on top of one another. Place items you will likely need access to at the front of the unit.

Check out belongings that may need special storage

Some items are vulnerable to cold, heat, and humidity. These include leather, suede, wood, manuscripts, and artwork. Also, contemplate the issue of bugs when you rent storage space. Good research can go a long way, especially for old facilities. An ideal solution is to opt for a climate-controlled unit.

Find pricing quotes

There are numerous storage options. While others provide standard storage services, some keep large items like boats and automobiles. Some facilities also provide top-notch services at great prices, including 24/7 access, 24/7 customer service, video surveillance, and pickup services. Finding a facility close to where you are moving to or where you live now is best. The process can only get more difficult if it takes longer to pick up or drop off your belongings.

Choose the appropriate unit size

The smallest unit, typically 5*5, works just fine when storing only a few items. But consider a 5* 10 or 10* 10 size if storing most of your items. Homes with several bedrooms require 10* 20 or 10*30 unit sizes. Still, the facility can help you choose a suitable unit based on your needs.

Work with Midland’s best mini-storage facility

The above tips can get you started on a smooth moving process. But working with Midland’s best mini-storage facility is even more crucial. Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable pricing. We have storage facilities in Concord, SalisburyHarrisburgKannapolis NC, and MidlandContact us today to reserve your unit.