Mini-storage facility will help you store items you used on your wedding day

Mini-storage in Midland NC helps keep the gown and other items you used in your wedding in the best condition. It doesn’t matter if this was a recent buy for your wedding or was a prized antique from your grandmother; it needs to be preserved properly. One day you might decide to give it to your daughter or another relative. You should keep it in a secure, climate-controlled self-storage unit to preserve its ageless beauty. You can preserve your dress and other formal attire in top shape by following our storage advice for bridal gowns.

Clean it

Send the gown as soon as you can to the dry cleaners. You don’t want the lipstick and wine stains to become permanent. To avoid the smell of “dry cleaning,” make sure your cleaner has experience with bridal gowns and only uses virgin solvent. Keep Your Gown Out of a Plastic Dry Cleaning Bag. Fumes that can damage or discolor your gown will be released when plastic is used to keep it for an extended period of time. Another issue with plastic is that moisture can easily get trapped in it, which will result in mildew.

Use a wedding gown storage box or bag

The box: Make sure you use acid-free packaging. Your dress won’t be adequately protected in a box with just an acid-free coating. Acid-free tissue should be used to cushion the bodice. Natural materials like silk should utilize unbuffered tissue instead of buffered tissue when padding polyester or rayon fabrics. Every year, take the folded dress out of the box and reposition it to avoid permanent creases.

When using a bag, hang the dress to prevent wrinkles. This method requires less care, so it is ideal for cases when you won’t observe the dress for long. The garment should be hanging on a hanger with plenty of padding, and the bag should be made of plain-colored fabric. To keep its shape, the bodice should be stuffed with tissue.

Find a reliable storage unit

Your wedding dress needs to be stored in a space with controlled temperature, dry, and cool air once it has been cleaned and preserved. This does not apply to your attic, cellar, or garage, where changes in temperature might lead to degradation. A secure, climate-controlled self-storage facility is your best bet.

#1 mini-storage facility in Midland NC for your wedding gown

Storing your wedding garments in the best conditions can make them remain valuable for a long time. Find the best mini-storage facility in Midland NC to maintain your items in the best condition.

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