Top five storage mistakes in Salisbury NC

Here are the top five storage mistakes people make when storing their items. Doing things wrong can cost you most of the benefits of using self-storage

Doing everything in a hurryTop five storage mistakes for self-storage in Salisbury NC

As with almost anything else, moving your possessions into storage goes better when you don’t try to rush it. Come up with a schedule for complicated moves.

Not packing or wrapping properly

Even in a grocery store, it’s important to put solid objects like canned goods at the bottom of the bag and soft things like bread on top. It’s much more important to store and pack things properly when you’re putting valuables away for months at a time. Make sure the boxes are strong enough to hold everything. Use bubble wrap or butcher’s paper for storage, not newsprint.

Not labeling and listing the contents

If you don’t have a list of everything in storage, and the contents of your storage boxes are not clearly labeled, the minute you need or want something you could find yourself driving to the North Charlotte, NC mini-storage facility without knowing if what you want is even there, let alone which box to look in. Don’t do that to yourself.

Trying to store the wrong things

Respect the storage facility’s rules on what can and cannot be stored there. Those rules are there for a reason. If you store food in a storage facility, even if it’s something that doesn’t need refrigeration, it can go bad. The smell of it is also likely to attract insects and vermin, which will damage other forms of property. Fumes from stored chemicals can also be damaging.

Choosing the wrong unit or facility

A mini-storage facility is not suited for storing your car, truck or boat. A facility that doesn’t have climate control is the wrong place to store electronics or fine art. Before choosing a storage facility, make sure it’s the right sort of facility and can handle what you want to store. Also, try to get a sense of the general volume of everything you want to store so you can put it in the right size unit. It’s a good idea to gather it in one place first and measure it.

Mr. Storage self storage in Salisbury NC

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