Secure self-storage involves having a specific location in which to store your items. There are plenty of storage units where you may store almost anything. However, a few things should not be stored in storage units because of safety issues.

To avoid including the putting items in your secure self-storage in Harrisburg, NC, here are a few pointers you should keep in mind.

Hazardous materials never go in Harrisburg secure self-storage

You may have half-empty paint cans, gas cans, or other things lying around your garage.

However, the dangers they may cause or contribute to must be taken.

If a spill occurs, it may cause damage to the storage unit; in the worst-case situation of a fire, things of this kind will simply serve to spread the fire, and the entire storage facility may go up in flames. The same is true for things such as fireworks or firearms. It would be beneficial to store these items at home rather than in your Harrisburg, NC secure self-storage facility.

No foodstuffs to stay in secure self-storage

If you’re working out of your self-storage unit, you can bring some snacks with you to keep you occupied. If there are any unopened packages, you may believe you can leave them there for later, but they can attract rodents looking for a snack on crackers or potato chips.

Pet food is another item that people think is safe, but it can attract moisture and deteriorate quickly depending on the weather. To be safe, nothing perishable should remain in a self-storage unit in your neighborhood.

Animals are prohibited in Harrisburg self-storage

When one thinks about secure self-storage, no live animal should be stored inside a local self-storage facility.

It is exceptionally cruel because even if a person thinks of keeping some exotic animals in tanks, it is just not ideal and will be severely discouraged by more than only the owners of the storage facility.

Harrisburg self-storage is safe, but banks are made for valuables units

While secure self-storage units are monitored 24 hours a day, it is prudent not to store anything of significant value, such as cash or jewelry or anything of a similar type.

Such things can attract would-be thieves, and the safest place to store high-value items is in a bank or other secure storage facility.

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