Can secure self-storage be climate-controlled?

Secure self-storage is becoming more popular, but the importance of climate-controlled storage will vary from facility to facility in different regions. However, the humidity level is the most typical difference between climate and temperature regulation.

Secure, temperature-controlled self-storage facilities regulate the temperature, while climate-controlled facilities regulate the climate and humidity. The combination of humidity and temperature controls the moisture level in a self-storage unit. The capacity of the air to store heat increases as humidity rises.

Temperatures remain low as humidity diminishes. You can discover more about the differences between the two types of secure self-storage in Midland, NC so that you can choose the correct one.

How does Midland climate-controlled secure self-storage work?

High-efficiency HVAC systems, humidifiers, thermostatically adjustable controls, and heavy-duty insulation are used in climate-controlled self-storage facilities. All these factors influence temperature and humidity.

Dehumidifiers are the best option for controlling humidity over time, although air-conditioning systems are better for reducing humidity. These air conditioners quickly reduce moisture levels by lowering the temperature within the self-storage facility below the dew point. For humidity control, dehumidifiers are more energy-efficient than air conditioners alone.

How do climate-controlled secure self-storage and temperature-controlled vary?

Only the temperatures are managed in temperature-controlled self-secure self-storage facilities. Local Midland, NC, self-storage facilities with air-conditioned units usually regulate the temperature and humidity.

Industrial dehumidifiers and HVAC systems are used in climate-controlled self-storage facilities. Desiccants and mechanical systems are the two major categories. Desiccants, such as silica gel packs, use a drying chemical ingredient.

The moisture in the air is eliminated in this manner. Heat is used as an energy source in desiccant dehumidifiers, allowing them to collect waste heat from other operations. Although desiccant dehumidifiers are less expensive than mechanical dehumidifiers, they are less effective in controlling high humidity.

What is the right humidity level?

We recommend aiming for humidity levels of around 55 percent to keep your belongings safe. In this range, most belongings can be readily stored.

Unless the renters specify otherwise, most secure self-storage facilities strive for a 55 percent occupancy rate. The objects suffer from high moisture content when the humidity level exceeds 55 percent.

Where can I find climate-controlled storage in Midland, NC?

When a local self-storage facility advertises its units as climate-controlled secure self-storage, it is not responsible for any damage. Renters usually expect the facility will maintain constant temperatures and humidity levels.

To protect themselves against liability, the secure self-storage facility must include a definition of “climate-controlled” in their rental contract. Contact Mr. storage as it is the best place to go if you want to learn more.

You can also begin your contract and settle your storage payments without the need to visiting the office.

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