Self-Storage can be ideal for vehicle storage should you be deployed overseas on a subsequent tour.

Your vehicle can be parked for months in Concord, North Carolina, in challenging weather. All this will do nothing to maintain the state of your automobile.

If you’re packing to ship out, you can learn more here about how the enclosed storage tips will help you take care of your vehicle while you’re overseas.

Self storage in Concord, NC needs cleaning

Prolonged periods of car rentals in a local Concord, NC storage facility may affect their condition for several reasons.  Cleaning or failure to clean can be one of the leading causes. Vehicles must be carefully washed, and you must cover the body with a high-quality automotive polish to preserve the finish.

The interior of automobiles must be cleared and vacuumed to make sure no food crumbs are present. Small rodents and bugs will enjoy these little treats if they can find their way inside your vehicle.

Keep pest away from your long-term car storage

Once your vehicle has been properly cleaned and is available for extended rest in the storage area of your choice, make sure that all openings where rodents can enter are blocked.

Mufflers should be plugged, and vents need blocking. Use cedar blocks or peppermint oil drops inside to help keep rodents away in your self storage. Mothballs may sound practical, but they give off a foul odor and are ineffective than other methods.

Check fluids for extended storage in Concord

Fuel and oil both have issues if left sitting in long self storage periods in Concord, NC. Fuel tanks may need to be filled, and then a good fuel stabilizer is added. Doing this helps control contaminants and moisture build-up inside the tank and engine.

The oil experiences similar problems, and by nature, it will be full of microscopic particulates, which can cause engine damage. Getting an oil change and replacing the oil filter helps mitigate such problems, as they store your car at the local storage facility for a few months.

Cover your car in Concord, NC self storage

You have two types of coverage your vehicle needs; one of them is the one that will keep the bodywork free of dust particles. Over time, an accumulation of dust works like sandpaper. The second coverage is your insurance.

Be sure your policy covers your car for long-term storage. Self storage is the last thing you should do before deployment, so to be prepared, call Mr. Storage, and the staff will be happy to help you find the best storage unit for your car.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.