Do I need to organize my storage?

Self storage is a fantastic option for many individuals in all manner of things. While some users of these local storage units in Midland NC have enough things to lay around without filling the storage unit, many other renters always appear to have too much stuff in the local storage facilities.

Here are some examples of how you can set about the organization of your storage units to get value for money or make your life easier.

Tips and tricks for the organization of your storage units

Here are some tips and tricks you can follow to get the best of your storage unit. While it doesn’t matter on the size of your storage units, the smaller they are, the more you need to carry out these exercises.

Make an inventory of all that you’re storing in your Midland NC self storage unit. If feasible, take a photo and possibly list the value of the item.

How frequently do you intend accessing your belongings? This determines how you will package your self storage unit and the contents of each box. Keep any items you need at the front by the doors.

Where possible, use crates for your packaging. The containers are easily stacked and sealed to protect your items from dust or dirt.

Seal your totes to keep out the dirt of your Midland NC storage

Fill the boxes where possible because this prevents things from moving, however, do not make them too heavy because this makes them hard to carry and you run the risk of breaking the bottom of your box with the weight.

Filled crates will be stronger to stack in your unit. Place the most substantial containers in the bottom of your pile. For the best possible use of self storage space, take furniture apart and fill anything hollow like drawers and cabinets.

If you have any kitchen appliances, make sure they are dry and keep the doors open so they won’t go moldy or smell.

Use storage shelves because you have plenty of vertical space rather than just using the floor of your self storage unit. Keep the heaviest plastic totes on the bottom and place lighter items towards the top as you fill the shelving units. 

Finding Midland NC storage units that are the right size

Successful storage is the outcome of planning and preparation. When doing all these things as well as the above, there is little reason your self storage space shouldn’t be a very productive and cost-effective place for storing your belongings.

Contact Mr. Storage, and may give you further advice and suggestions. If you’re new to storage space use, you won’t even have to go to the office to open your account or pay your bills. You can do all this online, saving time.

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