Why is my home in Concord, NC, cluttered?

Self storage units near me can accommodate many different things for storage tenants. Some folks use them to keep things from the basement, additional furniture, even disused vehicles.

However, when you find your local storage unit overflowing, you may be feeling stressed out with cleaning it out. Alternatively, there’s something you’ll need, and you may not be able to find it in your stuffed-out place.  Find a few more tips to get the most out of your storage units.

Pack belongings in suitable containers

Although it may be simpler to throw belongings into your storage unit in the containers they are already in. That’s not always the best way to store them. Cardboard boxes may get damp and split.

Instead, pack your belongings in plastic tubs that are tight shutting yet breathe air. If storing artwork or furniture, be sure you screen your stuff with sturdy but breathable material.

Organize your Concord, NC self storage units and list

Take some time to get your things in order by moving them into your storage units near me. Put items that you don’t expect to be needed very often in the back. There should be things in the front that you may need regularly.

Leave enough room to walk around and get your things back.  Labels on the boxes should face forward for you to see. If you use storage units for your business, make sure you keep a list of the inventory you keep in your local storage near me.

Doing so means you won’t over-expose yourself, and you can just grab the things, you need. Update your list, so you don’t have to go through sorting again when you add or remove your things.

Clear it out if not needed

With the current climate, you may be tempted to keep dumping things in your self storage near me without removing anything. There will be a time when you have to go through and clear some things out. The main thing is to be sure you dispose of things correctly, or you donate some items when they are required.

Finding storage units in Concord, NC

One of the good things with proper self storage near me is that you can do everything without going to the office. The staff can help you find the right unit for you, offer tips on how to pack your things, or sell packing and storage materials, so there is no need to try to visit another store.

Setting up your account and paying your bills can be done online, so all you have to do is contact Mr. Storage online or by phone, and they will help you get everything done virtually.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.