Self-storage in Concord NC and tips to smooth transitions

Self-storage experts in Concord NC understand the many things to think about and plan for when relocating. If you’re moving from one state to another, you’ll need to locate a new place to live, find a new job, and even purchase a new wardrobe. Here are six recommendations that will help you make your moving day a success:

Stock up on supplies

Using the right tools is essential to any movement’s success. Put together a simple box and tape. Make an inventory of every room in your house and determine how many boxes you’ll need to pack your belongings. You’ll need padding and labels, and markers to ensure that each package is placed where it should be.

Choose the right day

Don’t pay extra costs for relocating on the first or last day of the month or on weekends. Try planning to relocate during the middle of the week or mid-month for a change. You’ll be glad you did since your savings will be substantial.

Do not move anything you don’t want

There’s no use in moving, unpacking, and repacking stuff that you no longer need. Self-storage facilities in Concord NC may be an option for sentimental belongings, but most other goods should be given away or sold at a yard or garage sale to raise money for charity.

Invest some time in counting

Your new house is the last place you want to find out that you’ve left behind some of your stuff. Finding them might be a pain if they were left behind at your former house or forgotten in the moving van. That’s why it’s essential to keep track of and number each of your boxes as you unload them from the truck.

A babysitter or pet sitter may be hired for an additional fee

In addition to being stressful, moving may be draining, especially when you’re concerned about your children or pets. You should leave your children and pets with a babysitter to focus on the work at hand. You can rest a little and not focus all your attention on keeping the kids out of the boxes.

Get a self-storage

The next step is to locate a secure, reputable location to store the items you couldn’t bring with you but don’t want to say goodbye to. At Mr. Storage, we provide cheap, secure, and climate-controlled storage solutions. Your valuables are safe with us at Mr. Storage.

Best self-storage in Concord NC for smooth transitions

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