Do you want to maintain your vehicle ready for the spring?

Self-storage in Salisbury, NC

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Self-storage helps vehicle owners utilize their RV storage or car storage space into something much more. These vehicles will need maintaining ready for use once the Salisbury NC weather is more appropriate.

Being able to work in dry conditions feel much nicer than crawling around on a cold, damp driveway. Storage facilities can give a more relaxed feeling when vehicle owners are running through all the small maintenance tasks in preparation for some motoring fun, or a road trip once their RV storage time is up.

RV storage tips 

When you are using self-storage for your RV, many of the things you need to do are the same for car storage, but with a few subtle differences. Generally, you need to get the tires off cold floors, so parking your vehicle on blocks of wood can help protect the rubber.

Other similar items for vehicle storage is changing the oil and oil filters as well as making sure all the coolant levels are correct to avoid freezing. One other crucial area is adding a fuel additive that maintains fuel and dispels any moisture build up.

Car storage vs. RV storage 

The most significant difference between the two is making sure your interior is food free, and all the seals on your windows are secure. Rodents love to sneak into a warm RV during the colder months, so blocking entries is essential.

Both vehicles do need the batteries maintained while they are in your self-storage area as well as not making use of the handbrake. Cables can stretch, and the last thing anyone wants is their car storage ending up with their vehicle rolling across the storage facility.

Storage of boats

A lot of the principles for boat storage in Salisbury NC are the same if you have an engine powered boat. But unlike car storage, there are no wheels unless your boat is on a trailer. Depending on your boat size, you might possibly fit it into one of the larger self-storage units. 

This is ideal because it can protect your boat from the harsh elements that can bombard your boat if it is left on the water. You can also prepare your boat hull and check for any damage, this again is easier in a storage facility than while your boat is on the water.

Self-storage in Salisbury NC helps vehicle owners

With a local storage facility, any vehicle owner can maintain the value of their vehicles. Although it might not appear feasible for boat storage because it is nowhere near the water, it does make plenty of sense. 

Self-storage can be safer for road vehicles, but boat storage will be a lot cheaper and more convenient than keeping a boat on the water.

If you want to see how self-storage can make the ideal temporary garage in your Salisbury NC region, call Mr. Storage and the experienced staff can tell you all you need to know about using storage facilities for a temporary garage space.

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