Self-storage units can help you keep your bike properly in the winter weather

Self-storage units in Harrisburg NC are perfect for storing your bike in storage. Storage is crucial if you can’t ride your bike all year long. When the weather starts to warm up again, it’s time to take your bike out of storage. Use this bicycle tune-up checklist to get your wheels ready for a ride.

Clean up

Maintaining cleanliness on your bike will help the parts last longer. Use a dry cloth, a toothbrush, and a basic cleaner as a starting point. In order to prevent rust from accumulating on parts, try to use as little water as you can. To remove any difficult stains, use the toothbrush. Following drying, lubricate the chain.


If you didn’t get your bicycle tuned up before storing it for the winter, you should now. The best method to make sure your bike is in top shape for riding season is to get it tuned properly. Any nearby bike store will be pleased to help you.

Refill tires

Your bike tires lose air pressure in the cold much like your automobile tires do. The PSI in your tires decreases as cold air compresses. Regular pressure checks are advised, but it’s crucial to take extra care to replenish before your first ride. With your thumb, apply pressure firmly on the tire. It needs air if there is no resistance.

Wax your frame

To protect the paint, the body should receive a fresh layer of wax every six months. Car wax or furniture polish will do in the absence of bike polish. Consult the owner’s manual before applying a different type of polish on your bike.

Test the brakes

You could get into trouble later if you don’t check your brakes before your first ride. Check to see if the pads are still there and if they create a scratching noise. If either of these are present, replace the brake pads right away.

Find the best self-storage units in Harrisburg NC

Although it might not seem like riding your bike frequently would help with maintenance, it does. Frequent use prevents rust from developing on your bike. Storage units can help you keep your bike in the best condition for the future. Find the best self-storage units in Harrisburg NC for outstanding results.

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