Self-storage units are perfect for storing Christmas lights during the new year

Self-storage units in Harrisburg NC can help you store Christmas lights in the new year. Every year, your home is transformed into a winter paradise by your Christmas lights. But everything nice must come to an end, so all of your lovely lights must be taken down until the next year. If you’re like most people, bringing your tangle of lights out of storage each winter isn’t something you look forward to. The following advice will help you maintain your lights manageable and organized for next year.

Keep the lights indoors

It’s possible that you’ll feel inclined to keep your lights in a shed or even leave them up all year. That, however, leaves them outside for an excessive amount of time, which damages the lights or causes the wires to decay. Find a dry, secure location to keep your lights so you may use them year after year.

Use cardboard and loop the lights around

A cord may be wrapped around your arm just to get the task done, but as soon as you move, the cord tangles up once more. Instead, take a piece of cardboard that is still a rectangle and cut a notch out of both ends. Then, to make sure that your light string stays in position, begin looping it around the board. To make sorting easier the following year, you can even mark the cardboard with the length of the strand.

Utilize unused closet hangers

You can store Christmas lights on an extra hanger if you have one sitting around. The strand’s end should be threaded through one of the strap hooks before being wound securely around the hanger. Even more practical storage is provided by hanging racks in your storage area.

Cord reels can help keep everything organized

Christmas lights can now be stored on cord reels, which were originally used to hold extension cords. There are numerous options for sizes and styles, but they are all essentially the same. You can actually store several connected light strands on a single reel because they are reels that can accommodate hundreds of feet of light wires. Just secure one end to the cord reel, then begin spinning. The following year, you’ll be able to take the light’s free end, pull, and begin decorating.

Reserve the best self-storage units in Harrisburg NC

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