Self-storage for remodeling or downsizing

Self-storage can benefit any owner of the property when they want to modernize their house. It can also help if you’re going to reduce your home size after the children have left home. Over the years, precious furniture can be amassed.

Spare beds, spare chairs, and even old kitchen tables can be worth a lot of money, and they can have tremendous emotional value.

Are you in this situation and are you trying to renovate your house or change it completely? 

Below, you can see the best way to care for your furnishings while you are in Concord, NC’s storage facility.

Clean before using self-storage

Furniture may be made of any material type. Fabrics, wood, leather, and glass. They must be washed thoroughly before they are moved to a storage facility in Concord, NC.

Both materials have their specialized cleaning products so that your aged furniture is as clean as possible. Sofas and armchairs need to be free of crumbs that may have gone into the back of the cushions. Like all self-storage facilities seeking to prevent rodents’ invasion, cookie crumbs are enough to attract them.

Break furniture to its smallest size 

The largest self-storage unit doesn’t need to be used if you work smart. Dismantling your furniture is advisable. This makes it easier to ship and significantly easier to store. Much like beds, it is possible to dismantle tables and cupboards to some extent.

Shelving can be used in your self-storage unit, yet place it on a pair of pallets when erecting it to prevent the material from seeping cold and moisture into it. For additional storage space, you can leverage these shelves. Headboards may be stored economically when disassembled, much like table legs.

Keep furniture wrapped for Concord self-storage 

Furniture can be wrapped using old blankets, bubble wrap, and cardboard. Mattresses are best stored flat, and mattress covers can be purchased, mainly to prevent fabric bugs and dust.

Climate managed storage units from Concord, NC, are useful because they prevent moisture from touching your furniture. If this occurs, mold can appear within 48 hours. It spreads quickly from here. Mold smells, and it destroys your things.

Finding the best Concord NC storage unit

Beforehand, no one knows the size of the self-storage unit they’re going to use. All this depends on how much furniture you’re trying to move from your home to your nearest self-storage facility.

The only way to be sure is to contact Mr. Storage, and the staff would be more than happy to show how you can measure the size of the storage unit you need. You can now find out all you need online and begin your rental without visiting the office.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.