Self-storage experts in Harrisburg NC note that when objects are stored, whether in your garden shed or attic, or a local storage unit, they are subject to damage due to a combination of inadequate packing and poor environmental conditions. Because of this, preserving your assets while they are in storage units is critical if you want them to stay in the condition they were in before being stored. The following are some facts and best-practice recommendations for keeping your possessions securely.

Goods related to electricity

Self-storage professionals observe when packaging electrical items; these things should be individually wrapped in cotton fabric and put in a tightly fitting, high-quality, durable cardboard box, which will need to be reinforced with polystyrene inserts to ensure that there is a slight movement as possible. It is also a good idea to include silica gel sachets to absorb any moisture that may have accumulated.

Pottery and glass

Self-storage experts say cookware, decorations, and mirrors are the objects that need the least amount of space to be stored. Wrapping the item with bubble wrap and plain paper is the quickest and most effective protection method in this situation. Best practice, on the other hand, is to wrap valuables with the bubbles facing outwards to prevent pressure imprints on the object being wrapped.


Self-storage professionals say fabrics are often the worst goods to store because not only can they readily absorb moisture from the surrounding environment, but they also provide an ideal habitat for pests to flourish in and reproduce. As a result, before storing any textiles, make sure they have been thoroughly cleaned and put in anti-moth bags. Several high-street merchants sell these bags, which are impregnated with moth repellant and are available in various sizes.

Metals and silver

Self-storage experts in Harrisburg, NC, note that goods such as ornaments and trophies, as well as tools and culinary equipment, may suffer damage while in storage since they will lose their luster and, at the worst, become prone to rust. Any iron items must be coated with oil before packaging to slow down the oxidization process and prevent corrosion. If you’re storing kitchen or household metals, cleaning them with a mild olive oil before putting them away can provide excellent protection. Silver and semi-precious metals should be stored in specific flannel bags (which are pre-infused with silver particles for enhanced protection) or at the very least covered/wrapped in a thick fabric to keep dust and moisture out of their storage areas.

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