Self-storage locks will be the only thing to keep someone from accessing the self-storage unit. Even though local storage facilities protect their compound, with secure gates and CCTV, there’s always the potential risk somebody could get in there.  If you want to know the difference between lock types to use in your local Salisbury NC storage facility, you can go through this guide and find out.

Are padlocks suitable solutions for Salisbury NC self-storage?

Padlocks, commonly recognized as cylinder locks, have pins or tumblers activated when installing the key. This is typically seen around a house on garden sheds or side gates. They are not the perfect choice for self-storage units since experienced burglars will pick them or they can be quickly re-keyed.

What are disc locks for self-storage?

Disc locks are the typical type of self-storage lock. They were built for this purpose. Features they have are, they can’t be cut off with bolt cutters, so the locks’ U’ part or hasp isn’t as exposed as a normal padlock.

Disc locks can’t unlock with a bolt or pried open with a crowbar like most locks. Since these locks can’t be selected very easily, the other way they can be replaced is using an angle grinder, which lets a burglar deal with so much noise.

Keypad locks use numbers

These will be like a padlock, except instead of using a key; input a pin code or turn the dials to enter a number. These can be seen everywhere from your luggage to lockers in the nearby Salisbury NC gym, and even other locations.

While these self-storage locks aren’t the toughest, it’s easy to see why they’re so common because of simplicity. There’s no need to track where your key is because if need be, you can transfer your code to someone else for entry. A thief’s most important drawback will easily guess the code.

Lock sizes that fit storage units in Salisbury NC 

The size of your lock also needs consideration. The most common three sizes are 

1 3/4″, 2″ or 2 3/4″ in width. Locks that are larger than 2 3/4 inches are too large to fit the latches of your self-storage unit, as these will be a standard size.

Smaller locks don’t have the endurance and can be quickly turned to unlock them. Finally, self-storage locks must survive the elements if you have a drive-up entry storage facility, so you need one that can withstand the harsh weather.

If you’re uncertain who’s the right lock to pick from, you can easily call Mr. Storage, and the team can fill in all the information on self-storage locks, and if you’re lucky, they may have any in stock that’s perfect and will spare you the need to check.

The great thing is that you can do all this without visiting the office to sign contracts or pay bills; you can do it online after visiting the website. Organizing storage units has never been easier.

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