Self-storage helps you declutter

Self-storage strategies should make this year’s work even more accessible and comfortable. Spring cleaning is frustrating enough, and it can consume too many weekends to go through your home. 

Storage units in Salisbury NC will make the job a lot simpler, and another advantage is that you don’t need to put things back after you’ve cleaned up. If you want to see how your local self-storage facility can help, you can find out here.

Clean for a self-storage while packing

Cleaning before you pack into boxes is one time-saving idea. This will ensure that all your things are clean and packed up safely before you ship them off to your nearest self-storage facility. Do this room by room, and you can get all the clutter out of the way quickly.

When you do this, without masses of stuff getting in the way, you can get on with cleaning the rest of the house.

Clean furniture for Salisbury NC climate-controlled storage 

Where possible, furniture should be broken down and stored in pieces. Both drawers need cleaning, and any soft furnishing needs any crumbs to be washed. Rodents and insects enjoy a magnificent feast, and every bit will do nothing but attract them.

In plastic bags, screws and fixtures can fasten to a part of the dismantled furniture. You can fill these with belongings when the drawers are returned, but make sure they are left open for air to circulate.

Keeping everything together

One of the best Salisbury self-storage ideas is to purchase some garage storage shelves for all your smaller boxes if you intend on long-term storage. Instead of piling on the floor or pallets and waiting for your cartons to break, they will keep things tidy and make better use of vertical space.

Any larger objects can sit on the back of your self-storage unit, while on the front of your storage shelves, stuff you may need can sit waiting.

Mattress storage solutions

Mattresses require thorough cleaning and must be fully dry. Specially made mattress bags that are the same shape can be purchased. To keep them dust-free and keep your furry animals from paying a visit, use one of them. 

Also, make sure you put these flat on top of something flat because if you stand them on their end, they will curl and lose their shape.

Finding Salisbury NC self-storage to declutter and clean

Nearly all homeowners carry out certain spring cleaning but are now taking advantage of self-storage units in their region. Before all the storage units are snapped up from house cleaners, it is best to get around to it early.

Suppose you want to know more or find out the size of the storage unit you need to call Mr. Storage. The staff will run through what you need to know about short-term storage you can use for spring cleaning.

If you decide to declutter and use your storage unit long-term, you can discover you can arrange this and pay all your rental bills online without heading off to the office.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.