Do you think you will have enough storage space in early 2019?
Self-storage in Salisbury NC can be very useful for businesses of all sizes at this time of year. With the Christmas period out of the way, it is business as usual. However, there are many a business that can end up with more inventory leftover than they expect. If you are a business that has run out of space, then it might be time to look at cheap storage units to help get over cramped working conditions.Self-storage in Salisbury NC- ideas for businesses in 2019

Self-storage units are a great solution
There are many options for storage unit sizes, and for anyone to say what is ideal for any Salisbury NC company would be wrong. With both a budget to work to and various items which need clearing out of the way, it is the company which will know which storage units suit their needs.  The only advice for any business would be to check out affordable climate-controlled units because they make such a difference when it comes to protecting a company’s belongings.

Using storage units to store surplus equipment
Additional workforce, extra desks, and chairs, or even surplus electronic devices can all increase over the end of the year due to demand. Once this time has been and gone, they can be hard to store in a company’s regular premises.

Chairs and desks are not the easiest to stack, and can quickly eat up valuable space in any inventory area or office space. These do need some careful storing once they are in a self-storage unit because of materials used in their production.

Affordable climate-controlled business storage
Desks and chairs need to be in an environment which isn’t damp or too humid. Woods can crack, and fabrics can become moldy. These are two of the primary reasons climate-controlled self-storage units in Salisbury NC make great business investments. Woods can breathe and with a constant temperature, and seating fabrics won’t attract damp.

Electronics face the same problem but for different reasons. Circuit boards need to be dry and don’t take to harsh climate changes. These electrical components can crack or corrode if they are not cared for correctly in cheap storage units.

Retail overflow and how to deal with it
This is the number one reason a company can make great use of a self-storage unit. Many companies might already use these cheap storage units to store inventory during the run-up to Christmas, but it is once the season is over in Salisbury NC that storage units can help. New inventory mixed with old stock can make things super tricky when trying to account for everything. Mini-storage is flexible, so even if a business needed more than one storage unit, they are not tied in long-term, so they can sort one, and then end the lease contract.

Self-storage in Salisbury NC with Mr. Storage storage units
A local company might be a veteran self-storage user and knows all the ins and outs how these cheap storage units can fit into their business schedule. There are also many companies who are new to this, and even more so in home-based businesses.

If you are looking to take up a cheap storage unit shortly, or you are unsure how a climate-controlled unit can fit in with your plans. Call Mr. Storage, and the friendly staff will be happy to answer questions or to reserve your storage unit ready for when you need it.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.