Self-storage facilities allow you to keep the paint for use in the future

A self-storage facility in Kannapolis NC helps homeowners have additional space to store most of the items they do not currently use. By sorting through items at home, the extra storage space offers one a chance to keep the items until they need them in the future.

One of the items that most people buy but don’t use for extended periods is paint. You can store paint in respective cans within a storage unit, but you should prevent them from getting destroyed. Most paint in storage dries off and becomes unusable, so you should seek the right conditions to do this.

This article focuses on ways you can store different paint types and leave them fresh and accessible for years to come.

Watercolors – This is the most common paint in the market and the easiest one to store. Most of the watercolors are friendly and come as dense chalky powder. You need to add water and stir to activate, but it also exposes it to drying and going bad. Instead, you should leave the paint as is – in its solid powder state – until you need to use it. Store the paint in an airtight container to prevent the powder from soaking up the humidity in the air. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Latex-based – These paints are most commonly used for walls to offer a shiny and rich contrast in households. The paint comes pre-mixed in large cans and is often included in airtight containers. You need to make sure that no air gets in or out during storage when storing it. The airtight container might have dents once you break the seal, so have a plastic sheet between the can and its lip before hammering the lid on. Most of the sediment will have settled when you decide to use it, so shake and stir it to regain its color.

Acrylic-based – Acrylic paints are also used for art but are harder than other paint options. Also, since they are sold in tubes, it is advisable to make sure the tube stays away from sunlight.

Oil-based – Most artists use oil-based paints, and they can be expensive, so you need to store them well. You should store oil-based paints in a sealed container under cool temperatures. Rent out a climate-controlled storage unit to keep the oil paints in the best condition.

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