Self-storage units can help you store art correctly

Self-storage units in Salisbury NC help art collectors and owners store art. It’s crucial to take extra precautions and take your time while packing and moving priceless artifacts like fine art, antiques, and paintings when keeping them.

Depending on how rare or expensive they are, items like these may be expensive or even impossible to replace. Never store fine art or paintings in your garage, shed, or closet.

They should ideally be housed in a climate-controlled storage facility with top-notch amenities and additional security measures like cameras and alarms. Keep reading for the typical mistakes to avoid if you’re new to art storage and need some advice and instruction on how to handle things correctly.

Failing to clean art before storage

Before being stored for the long term, certain artifacts including furniture, sculptures, and old works of art may require cleaning. Even canvas art or paintings will probably look better after a quick cleaning and wipe-off.

Always check that the cleaning solutions you use are secure and appropriate for the surfaces they will be applied on. When cleaning delicate items and exquisite art, stay away from strong chemicals. Cleaning your art before storing it may prevent dust, filth, and bacteria from amassing on your work.

Failing to inspect for damage

You should gather information about any damage that may already be present on your fine art before putting it away in storage. By doing so, you can determine whether storage has caused any additional damage (if any).

Due to the fact that you can keep track of each piece’s condition, it also safeguards you against loss and damage. Before storing any components that do already have damage, take pictures and write reports about them. By doing this, you can easily see if things have changed.

Storing under bright light

Bright lights and direct sunshine are bad for fine art and antiques. This is so that light won’t deform, tarnish, or fade your artwork. Place your items in a cold, dry, dimly lit (or dark) storage area, apart from sources of bright light and sunlight.

Hurried packing

Never rush the process of packaging your fine art, and never wait until the last minute. Although it might not be enjoyable, it is necessary to maintain the quality of your excellent art. Spend some time carefully boxing, sealing, and individually packing each item. The object can also be given additional cushioning by wrapping it in bubble wrap.

Find the best self-storage units in Salisbury NC

Storing art can be technical, but you have to clean and store it in the best conditions to avoid bacteria buildup. You should find the best self-storage units in Salisbury NC to protect your valuable art.

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