Are temperature-controlled units worth it?

Salisbury, NC climate controlled self storage is suitable for any perishable belongings like fabrics, leathers, paper, timber, or other items that absorb moisture.

If you plan to use a storage unit, you will wonder if your belongings will be safe in an outdoor storage unit. This is even truer if the weather is too hot or too cold.

Largely, the majority of your items will be protected in your storage unit. However, items that are outdoors will not be heated or cooled, so your things may still be vulnerable. Here you can learn why climate-controlled storage is the right way to go if you have something of value.

What is Salisbury, NC, climate controlled self storage?

When investigating self-storage facilities, you ought to ask whether they offer climate-controlled self storage units.

A heated self-storage unit will usually be located inside, where the temperature can be controlled. A temperature-controlled storage unit comes with an industry-standard temperature range of 50 to 85 degrees. The humidity levels will also fall into specific ranges.

When to use climate controlled storage in Salisbury, NC?

With a better understanding of what climate control means, you’re likely asking yourself, “Do I need a climate controlled self storage? The answer to that question will depend.

Consider what you’re putting away in storage and for how long you intend to store it for. If you just need to store these sensitive belongings for a couple of weeks, you could skip climate-controlled storage based on where you live and the time of year.

As a rule, the more vulnerable your belongings, the more likely you will need climate control. Be aware that even an air-conditioned storage unit is not appropriate for all works of art, pictures, papers, or wines that may require a much narrower range of temperature variation.

Where will I find a climate controlled storage unit?

A majority of Salisbury, NC storage sites are now offering climate-controlled self storage, although not all are doing so. Do not assume any facility you are considering offers this option. Instead, check in advance and consult or review the website.

Besides price, you should ask which temperature the facility maintains or what temperature ranges will the storage units be exposed to.

You may discover installations, not offering such units, are significantly cheaper, and are not in the principal routes. In addition, they can lack many other amenities than the local self-storage facilities.

Where to start searching for Salisbury, NC climate controlled storage

You have many ways to locate self storage facilities locally. Selecting the undesirables, or facilities, not in the ideal locations, can take quite a bit of work.

To save yourself searching, you can contact Mr. Storage. The knowledgeable storage staff is there to help you find out everything about your climate-controlled self-storage units.

The great thing is you can do all this without visiting the office to sign the contracts or pay your bills; you can do this online after checking out the website. 

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.