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Fires in storage facilities do happen, but the reality is that in Salisbury, NC, they are not very common. When tenants of storage units attempt to move items that should not be stored in local self storage facilities, the problems start right here.

Once a fire has broken out, it can travel quickly, and everybody is hit by the shortsightedness of another person who is not following the storage facility’s regulations.

Here you can learn more about what your local Salisbury, NC storage company does in these eventualities.

Salisbury, NC storage facilities and fire

Apart from the directives on things, you can and cannot store. The owners make their units from fire retardant materials.

While this may slow down the spreading of a fire, it does not eliminate the fire from entering adjacent units. Many storage facilities now feature sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, and storage facility-wide fire alarms.

The surveillance service should also monitor these key areas. Smoking guidelines are therefore set for tenants, and it is often the person believing they can get away with a fast cigarette who triggers the breakout of a fire. 

Self storage renters and fire prevention

Guidelines are set on what shouldn’t be stored in self-storage units. Furthermore, everything needs proper stacking. Nothing ought to fall over so unit begins filling up with belongings.

For tenants of self-storage units in the Salisbury, North Carolina area, these occupants should do their part to stop storage facility fires, even from the beginning. A walkway for access and to allow for airflow should be left in the center of the unit. Flammable liquids like gas, alcohol, paints, or other toxic chemicals should never be stored. The same applies to fireworks, aerosols, and garden fertilizer.

Renters of local self-storage facilities should also inform their storage company if they see other tenants doing anything that could start a fire.

Besides, if there is accumulated trash or if there are broken, lamps (exit lights) they should also highlight these.

Finding storage facilities for renters in Salisbury, NC

With all the precautions in place from both sides, it is not guaranteed all storage unit fires can be prevented. What renters should do on an individual basis is to make sure they have insurance in place to cover items that they have in their local self storage facilities.

With everything covered, the only other thing that can be done is to call us at Mr. Storage and find out what you can store and what you can’t.

You will also find you can begin your lease and pay your bills online without wasting time and visiting the office.

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