Are there storage options for vehicles?

Storage facilities in Concord NC offer plenty of storage options when it comes to storing vehicles. While you can use some of the larger units to store a car or something smaller, the majority of vehicle storage is available outside, yet in different areas of the storage compound.

When looking for vehicle storage options, you can find a list of available ones here, so you do know what you are looking for before contacting the storage facility.

Vehicle storage options outdoors

The cheapest Concord NC storage facilities are those outside and without any coverage. You see these around the perimeter of the storage compound. Many often come with concreted parking bays. Safety features differ from one storage facility to another. Secure gated access with PIN coded gates and CCTV security cameras provides the best protection for vehicles.

The PIN codes offer more than just restricting access, they also record who enters and who leaves the facility and at what times. You may find some installations offer detachable or bollards, which lock in position for added protection.

When checking the storage facilities area, look for hazards that may damage your vehicle. Overhanging trees are one of the more common. Also, check lighting at night and make sure the fence is in good order.

When storing vehicles outdoors, cover them with large tarpaulins or special vehicle covers. These protect them from rain and the UV rays from the sun. As a bonus, your vehicle stays clean as well as protected.

Concord NC storage facilities undercover vehicle storage

Undercover storage of vehicles occurs in many different guises. The type of undercover storage facilities for cars will, however, determine the price.

You can find carports or a lean-to, and the larger storage units big enough for vehicles. All these offer protection against the different elements to different levels.

A carport or lean-to offers a roof over your vehicle, yet does little protection against wind and rain from the sides. A larger storage unit will protect your vehicle against everything.

While a Concord NC storage unit is more expensive, they offer many other benefits, and you cannot just use them for storage of different things, you can work on your vehicle in all weathers if you so wish.

Choosing vehicle storage options in Concord NC

It doesn’t take much to keep your vehicle safe and secure rather than leaving it on the driveway. If you have any further questions about how we keep vehicles safe, or the different options available, please contact Mr. Storage, and our employees will be happy to help you.

Besides this, you do not need to visit the office to set up your storage facilities account, or when paying bills. We offer the capability to do all this online.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.