Using storage for sports furniture

Storage facilities would be excellent for storing a pool table when done correctly. However, there are some points to consider for the preservation, and for moving into your local Concord, NC storage unit.

A table of this size needs a particular storage unit, and the materials need caring for. Here you can learn how to disassemble a pool table ready for storage. You can also see how you can sign up for your new storage units without visiting the office.

Materials need to store your pool table

Before you can think about putting your pool table in your storage facilities, collect a few tools to help you disassemble it. You can suppose you just separate the legs, but pool tables are made with precision and need treating as such.

To accomplish this task, you will need a drill, several screwdrivers, box spanners, and a staple remover. When the table is segmented, you will need boxes and Ziploc bags for storing the little screws and bolts. A number of heavy blankets to protect your pool table during the move to the local storage facilities in Concord, NC, will be vital.

Pool table disassembly steps for storage facilities in Concord, NC

The ball pockets use screws to hold them to the table. Occasionally they use staples, and if this is the case, remove the staples that hold the pockets to the table. If the pockets use screws, check the size of the screws, and use the proper screwdriver.

Remove the rails from the pool table with the socket wrenches to remove the screws and nuts.  Place all screws and nuts inside the Ziploc bags to keep them safe in your storage unit.

Remove felt and slates, but be careful

The removal of felt will be complicated. Using the Staple Remover, take out the staples holding the thought to the table. Be careful not to tear the felt.

When you remove it, you can fold the felt and place it in a plastic bag. Plastic bags can trap moisture and will cause mildew if you do not use a climate-controlled storage facility, also leave it open for air to circulate the felt.

They fix slates to the table with screws. Remove the screws and place them on a separate piece of plastic while you write with your marker. Remove the board from the tabletop. These are large, so you need help to avoid injury or damage.

Turn the table on its side and remove the legs, once all the accessories are off. You will need help here, as it will not be possible to hold the legs while using a wrench.

Finding the right storage unit in Concord, NC

When looking for storage facilities, you may find many options. In addition, you need to be sure your local storage facility meets all your needs with its amenities.

While driving access simplifies pool table storage, you will look for a climate-controlled storage unit to preserve the wood and parts of your pool table.  If you need to know more about storage facilities, you need to contact Mr. Storage, and the support team will be happy to help you find the best storage unit in Concord, NC, for your pool table.

You will also find you can save hours by using the online contactless sign-up and payment system, so now you don’t have to go into the office.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.