Storage facilities are ideal for making space at home for a new family member

Storage facilities in Concord NC help parents make extra room at home for a newborn. You won’t have time to worry about home upgrades once your baby is born because you’ll already have plenty on your plate. Follow the steps on our checklist below well in advance of your due date to get everything in order so you can relax and look forward to bringing your child. Keep in mind that the goal is to create a tidy area that is safe for your family’s newest member and conveniently arranged for new parents—not an Instagram-perfect home.

Consider safety

Don’t wait until your baby is rolling over and crawling before baby-proofing your home since you’ll be amazed at how quickly your kid will become mobile. Since they will be the most expensive and time-consuming baby-proofing jobs, larger concerns like electrical, plumbing, or mold problems should be addressed first. Following completion of that, follow these quick and simple steps to prepare your home for a new baby:

  • Put all breakables out of children’s reach; now is an excellent time to think about renting a climate-controlled storage container to keep valuables safe.
  • Cover outlets and use baby gates to block stairways at both ends.
  • Add locks to doors to prevent children from entering potentially dangerous areas.
  • Check all of your home’s rooms for potential choking dangers, relocate any harmful cleaning and organizing chemicals to higher cabinets or locations, and install latches on all cabinet doors.

Have organization stations

You may concentrate on taking care of your infant instead of frantically looking for supplies by proactively putting up various cleaning and organization stations in your home (which is especially stressful during those late nights up with a newborn)

Making a list of the baby supplies you’ll need as you set up your stations can be useful for doing two crucial jobs at once. Additionally, for first-time parents, make sure to ask other parents what things have been crucial and useful for them; this can ultimately save you time.

Deep clean

Cleaning your home completely is crucial, but there are several key areas you’ll want to pay extra attention to, such as any tub or sink where you’ll bathe your baby, your flooring (including carpet and rugs), and all of your bedding (both yours and the baby’s). Naturally, any brand-new baby equipment like a car seat, stroller, or swing needs to be cleaned beforehand. Now is the time to focus on those areas of your house that are frequently ignored yet can significantly impact the air quality for your infant.

Find the best storage facilities in Concord NC

Making space for your baby can seem daunting, but the above tricks make it easy to handle. Find amazing storage facilities in Concord NC for the best results. Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable pricing. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis NC, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.