Harrisburg’s storage facilities can help owners with wine

Harrisburg’s storage facilities insist that wine lovers understand how to store their white and red bottles for an exceptional drinking experience in the future. Remarkable wine can help mark an important day in one’s life. But it all starts with paying attention to how you store the wine to avoid a bitter, tannic blow.

Can you age any wine?

It’s vital to note that not all wine enhances with age. Some wine bottles need to be drunk up quickly. Generally, you can expect reds to last up to three years and whites to last up to two years. If you wish to lay down some wine for a memorable occasion, getting advice from an expert is always best.

The best temperature to store wine

Your wine will age faster if stored at temperatures greater than 21 degrees centigrade. However, if it gets too warm and ends up ‘cooked,’ it will lose flavor and aroma. Many often think the fridge is an excellent place to store wine since the temperature is cool and steady. However, wine does well in seven to eighteen degrees centigrade. That said, the fridge’s four degrees is too cool.

The best humidity level for keeping wine

Fridges are not only too cool but also very drying. A very dry environment could damage the corks in the bottles. This allows air into the bottle and changes the aromas. Also, note that you should never store your wine in an overly damp environment as this will foster moldy corks, which transfer a musty aroma into the bottle.

Storing wine in the kitchen

The kitchen is not ideal for storing wine due to temperature fluctuations. With time, the fluctuations can cause the expansion and contraction of wine in the bottle, pushing on the cork, which could lead to seepage.

Wine also requires protection from strong smells and odors, such as garlic and cleaning product fragrances. They can work their way through the cork and foster bad taste. A good kitchen should be well-lit, but bright light doesn’t work well with wine. Sunlight could degrade wine significantly.

Always keep the wine still

This is another reason not to store wine in the fridge. Vibrations could stir up sediment and change the wine’s structure, greatly impacting your drink’s taste. If you wish to store your wine long-term, you should move it only when needed.

Can you use a wine rack?

A great wine rack allows you to efficiently keep the maximum amount of wine in the minimum space possible. It also keeps the wine in tip-top condition. But make sure that your storage system lets you access the bottle you want without disturbing the other bottles to lower the likelihood of damaging your wine through motion.

Split corks can be a danger to your wine, making it essential to protect your wine from drying out. The best wine rack should keep the wine at an angle of forty-five degrees so that the wine lies against the cork. This is an important consideration for keeping wine for a very long time. You can also store screwcap bottles of wine horizontally.

Hire Harrisburg’s storage facilities 

A great place to store your wine is in self-storage. Most facilities have different types of storage, including climate-controlled units. Looking for public storage near me? Age your wine with Harrisburg’s storage facilities.

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