Storage facilities for my jet skis

Storage facilities in Harrisburg NC can be used for jet ski storage or any small water vessels. It is often wintertime when you need this; sometimes you jet ski or kayaks and canoes can be out of the water for extended periods.

In the kayak and canoe cases, so long as you hang these correctly, they don’t require too much care and attention. Jet Ski’s, though, need more care because of the engine and other areas.

You can use a jet ski storage rack; however, put your jet ski in your local storage facilities, and it could be the best move you make. Here you can find out more about why using storage facilities in Harrisburg makes excellent sense and how to care for your vessels.

Body and engine care for Harrisburg storage

When your wave rider or jet ski is out of the water, and you’re storing it at a self-storage facility in the Harrisburg area, these pointers will help you look after your prized watercraft. It’s critical to clean your watercraft, mainly if you’ve used it in saltwater.

Clean it thoroughly with a vehicle-safe soap and water before the next stage of using Harrisburg storage facilities.

After your jet ski has dried and is safe in your self-storage unit, you can move on to the next phase in the preparation process. The first step is to use a high-quality car wax and buff it to a high shine. The engine will then be prepared, followed by an oil change. Particles can float to the top, scoring the insides when the engine restarts, which is not good.

A fuel stabilizer should be added to extended jet ski storage. Fuels contain a lot of contaminants, and they can spoil. All of this can be avoided with this additive, which keeps everything lubricated. Run the engine at brief intervals to ensure that the additive is dispersed throughout the fuel system.

Remove the battery and check to see if it is fully charged. To prevent oxidation, grease can be applied to the contacts. When the weather around your jet ski storage facilities gets cold, check the battery charge now and then. The cold is not good for batteries as it can drain them.

Best storage facilities in Harrisburg NC

If the storage unit is climate controlled, any extended jet ski storage can be improved. This will prevent any remaining moisture from encouraging mold growth around your jet ski, particularly inside any damp compartments.

Allow air to circulate inside by leaving these doors open and using a high-quality jet ski cover. Dust is abrasive, and it can easily scratch the surface of your ski. Call Mr. Storage, and we’ll explain why one of our local storage units is better for your jet ski than any jet ski storage rack or shed.

No matter what time of year, you can care for your jet ski much easier when you use storage facilities instead of struggling with a rack and paying exorbitant fees.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.