Storage facilities experts in Salisbury NC advise that while doing your research, consider the variables that should be considered, such as the location, size, and pricing. You also want to consider the customer service you will receive from the management. Here are more items to consider.

Time of day when the business is open 

Storage facilities users in Salisbury, NC, advise that you must be aware of the hours when the facility is open and closed. You should also find out whether they have extended hours or provide local services on specific holidays or weekends. This is necessary to know when you may call the facility and how early or late you can enter your unit when you arrive.


Storage facilities professionals say take a good look at the many sorts of locks that are utilized on the units, as well as which ones are the most highly recommended. Some facilities may also offer padlocks, so you may be able to buy locks from them as well as from other sources.

Security of storage units 

Storage facilities experts say you must be aware of how effectively the institution manages its security operations. The facility’s state should also be considered while determining its safety. For example, a leaky roof might not only cause damage to your goods, but it can also result in a slip and fall incident.


Storage facilities experts advise you to investigate all the self-storage insurance choices available, including how much and how little protection they give, as well as the fees associated with each level of security. Check your homeowner’s insurance coverage to determine what it covers and what it does not cover as well as the above. If you intend on keeping valuable or extremely emotional items, it is preferable to have higher levels of insurance protection.

Storage space that has been allowed 

Storage facilities professionals recommend checking to see what you are authorized to keep and what you are not permitted to store in the facility. In this way, you will be able to determine if you will need a particular sort of storage, a greater floor space, or a whole new storage facility entirely. Also, don’t be afraid to request a copy of the contract.

Comments and evaluations 

Storage facilities experts say when searching for a self-storage facility, it’s a good idea to read internet reviews. Check out what other people have to say about the facility and whether the feedback is typically excellent or negative. Here is the best for you!

Best local storage in Salisbury NC and customer service

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