Storage facilities in Kannapolis NC and piano storage

Storage facilities in Kannapolis NC explain that you’ll want to take a few precautions before moving your piano into storage. Even though pianos come in a wide range of sizes, moving and storing one of these massive instruments is no small feat. To keep your piano in top condition while moving, here are some helpful tips for you to follow.

Use packing stuff

While in storage, your piano will be protected by bubble wrap, blankets, and plastic wrap. Storage facilities in Kannapolis, NC explain packing blankets should cover the whole piano at this point. Dust that accumulates in storage may be avoided by securing the item in such a manner. Some people choose plastic wrap or tarp as an additional layer of protection. You could also use fragile tapes so that the movers understand the delicacy of the piano.

Get the storage facility

Storage facilities professionals advise that you should determine where your piano will be housed before moving or storing it. A garage or unfinished basement’s intense cold and humidity may harm an expensive piano, so storing it there may not be the best idea. You may keep your piano elsewhere, such as at an on-site self-storage facility. In the long term, renting a storage facility is the only way to guarantee that your piano will perform as it did before it was put in storage. Compass Self Storage has a wide range of unit sizes to suit your piano’s storage requirements.

Storage in a climate-controlled environment

Storage facilities are ideal for storing your piano because of the climate-controlled storage container. Your piano wood is less prone to break if it’s kept at a stable temperature. Humidity and moisture damage to the soundboard is less likely to occur when the instrument is stored in climate-controlled storage.

Store your piano properly

Storage facilities experts in Kannapolis NC advise that to ensure that your piano is stored correctly, you can set your piano against a wall in a climate-controlled room, but it’s ideal to leave some space between the two to allow for more excellent airflow. You may ask your local music shop or the piano’s maker for particular advice if you aren’t sure how to best keep your piano.

With Mr. Storage, you can rest easy knowing your piano is safe with us. Visit one of our storage facilities in Mr. Storage to see how we can assist you.

Best storage facilities in Kannapolis NC and keeping your piano properly

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